Riley (Bentley)


When it came time to sell our house I can honestly say I was not looking forward to the stress that was before me. Luckily I called Maureen with Real Estate Girls. Not only was she able to give great advise on pricing the house and getting us ready to list it, she was able to go the extra mile and mediate between myself and my ex to get this seemingly impossible job done.
I am very thankful for Maureen and Rhonda working with us and the patients and knowledge that they brought to the sale, not only getting our house sold fast but with very little stress.

Pat & Bill (Sylvan Lake)

We began looking at lake houses on Sylvan Lake with Rhonda Gustafson in June of 2016. Throughout the summer and fall, she kept us very well informed on the listings, and took us through LOTS of different places, always very thorough, competent and patient. When we finally found a lake house that was right for us, she worked very hard to see the deal to completion in a timely manner. We really are grateful for all her efforts!! Highly recommended.

- to Pat & Bill
I absolutely loved showing you lake properties! You always gave me plenty of time to schedule the showings and we had a fun time exploring each property… even that basement that scared me …just a little …haha!  Every situation has its challenges but this was unusual with the seller leaving ALL their possessions …thank you for your patience and understanding! You have a beautiful lake property that I know you & your family will enjoy all year long! 
- Rhonda

Client Appreciation - by Michelle

- having had such a great experience helping her clients, Michelle had this to say: 

"The act of Chivalry is mostly but NOT totally in point:
Ken is a kind and genuine man. On viewings he would hold doors open, allowed myself and Molly enter first, shone lights when necessary to light a path, turned off lights after leaving a room, offered to hold papers when my hands were full, uplifted Molly by paying her compliments, and laughed politely at my attempts at humour. Regardless of gender...Ken is a great example of how humans should treat one another.
Molly has a wonderful sense of humour and appreciation of others. Molly showed thoughtfulness and generosity when interacting with Ken and myself. And...she knows where the best baked goods are located!"
- Michelle

Wendy (Sylvan Lake/Red Deer)

Recently, I sold my home in Sylvan Lake and purchased another in Red Deer. I sold and bought through Real Estate Girls and was impressed with the professional yet friendly approach of the realtor. Listing and moving is never an easy experience but I appreciated so many things that this company had to offer. I was always kept informed of status of other competitive listings and homes for sale in an automatic, daily and user friendly email. This left me with a sense of control of my own “new home” destiny. The marketing process online created a broad scope of exposure supported by beautiful, professional photography of my much loved home. Moves often create stressful situations and the realtor always offered knowledgable and understanding support. Thank you Real Estate Girls!

- to Wendy
What a pleasure it was working with you! It was a challenging sellers market and your patience and perseverance paid off! It’s never easy selling a home you love and trying to find the next one to love just as much…I’m so happy for you! Please keep sending me those updates on your beautiful and stunning renos :)
- Rhonda

Jenn & Darren (Sylvan Lake)

A great big Thank You to Real Estate Girls for making our house hunting experience so much fun. Our agent, Rhonda, went above and beyond what would of been expected. She is well organized, patient and very easy going. It was nice not to feel pressured and really appreciated all the work involved touring all the small towns, keeping our kids happy and researching dozens of properties.
When it came time to put in an offer she was meticulous and ensured our interests were being taken care of. I would personally recommend this company because of their personal approach and professionalism.

- to Jenn & Darren
It was fun traveling around in search of your next home … even though your dad enjoyed scaring me with what was behind that closet door …ha! It was my pleasure to help you and your sweet young family find the best home for you! I’m glad you decided on Sylvan Lake, it has so much to offer a growing family like yours! Enjoy!!
- Rhonda